Two-headed calf wows villagers in Georgia

The brown-haired baby cow, born Jan. 2, has to be bottle-fed by its owner, Irakli Dzhgarkava, because its mother refuses to feed it.


Mass Animal Deaths: The Creepiest Casualties Ever

In light of the recent occurrence of large numbers of dead birds appearing mysteriously, The Huffington Post recaps a few of the creepiest mass animal deaths that have occurred throughout history.

One I had never heard of before is Scotland’s Overtoun Bridge, where many dogs have committed, or have attempted, suicide.

"The Daily Mail wrote an article featuring reports of horrified pet owners who walked their dog over the bridge, when suddenly the dog would, without warning, leap over the bridge, falling 50 ft to the rocky bottom below. Perhaps even more disturbing, there are reports of “second timers” – of the few dogs who have survived the fall, some jumped over the same bridge again. "


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Amisha Patel, born June 9, 1976, also known as Ameesha Patel, is an Indian Bollywood actress. Making her acting debut in the blockbuster Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai (2000), Patel won critical praise for her performance in Gadar: Ek Prem Katha, which became one of the biggest hits in the history of Hindi cinema. She would subsequently star in a number of films, most of which proved unsuccessful at the box office. However, her performance in the 2006 film Ankahee, received critical recognition, and she followed it with a supporting role in the hit Bhool Bhulaiyaa.

Amisha Patel is the daughter of Amit Patel and Asha Patel, sister of Ashmit Patel and the granddaughter of the famous lawyer-politician Barrister Rajni Patel who was the Congress Pradesh Committee President of Bombay. Her name is a blend of the first three letters of her father’s name Amit and the last three letters of her mother’s name Asha.

Keira. Vogue. Weekend.

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Enjoy your weekend!!!

3 Times Cute!

Three white lion cubs are presented to the public for the first time at the city zoo in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Wednesday Jan. 5, 2011. The cubs were born on Nov. 16, 2010. According to zoo officials these are the first white lions to be born in South America.


AP Photo/Eduardo Di Baia

Into the Lion's Den

At a zoo in western Germany, a baby African Penguin decided to go on a little stroll through a lion's den. As reported by Der Spiegel, the tiny bird escaped its habitat and started waddling through the lion enclosure. Fortunately, the lions were asleep. Zookeepers guided the penguin to safety using a trail of herrings. The zoo doesn't usually name its penguins, but apparently bonded with this one, since they started calling it Leona.


Photo: Allwetterzoo M√ľnster


I guess almost everyone misses the summer right now.
So much rain, grey days and no sun at all...
Sun, please don't wait too long to come back!

It's Snowing in Chicagoland

Go outside and play!

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Modern 2011 Wedding Dress


I want to hear what you've got to say...

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shirt: new yorker (old). necklace: primark. boots: pimkie (old).
overknee-socks: christmas-present. rest:h&m.

My friend took these pictures near to my university,
when we had a little break from a photoshooting.
There is so much to do right now, but it actually makes
a lot of fun and we're working on some great projects!
Title quote is from the song from The Subways, I've heard it on
the OC and it's definitely one of my favorite songs.
Enjoy your rest of the week, it's almost weekend... almost ;)

Today's awwwwwww

Photo:Marian Brickner / Zuma Press

Amazing Feather Paintings

Feathers can be colorful and spectacular in their own right, but how much more stunning might they be when used as canvases for artists, eager to demonstrate their talent for the unusual?

Alaskan-born and -bred artist Julie Thompson is an astounding exponent of this incredible art form. Julie, a self-taught wildlife artist for nearly 20 years, strives to make every feather painting as unique as the feathers themselves are, and believes that every feather has a kind of personality relating to the painting it bears.

via Presurfer

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Chaya Singh is an actress, born 16 May 1976 in Bangalore. Chaya Singh did her schooling at Lourdes School, Bangalore. Chaya Singh parents had migrated from Uttar Pradesh to Karnataka before her birth. Chaya Singh has a reputation of being very selective in her roles.Chaya Singh first film role was in Haseena which was directed by Girish Kasaravalli. Later on she went to do movies in Kannada. After having few chances in the Kannada industry Chaya Singh migrated to Tamil movies. There most of the producers and directors cast her for item numbers. Chaya Singh's most famous movie is Thiruda Thirudi in Tamil which has the popular song Manmadharasa.In this film she got a break and many producers wanted her to do item number in their movies, which the actress dislikes.The actress wants to show her talents. Recently she has performed in Akasha Gange in Kannada which is set to release.



Cute or not? Tube-nosed fruit bat

Picture: Piotr Naskrecki / iLCP

Rare 'panda cow' born in CO

A rare miniature cow with markings similar to a panda was born on a farm in northern Colorado.

Farmer Chris Jessen raises miniature cattle and also owns a miniature kangaroo on his hobby farm.

The miniature panda cow is the result of genetic manipulation. A white belt encircles the animal's midsection, and the cow has a white face with black ovals around the eyes, giving it a panda-like appearance.

The mini-cattle are bred solely as pets. Jessen says panda calves can sell for $30,000.

Photo: AP

Coondog Cemetery

In a small, grassy meadow, deep in the rich, thick wilderness of Freedom Hills, Key Underwood sadly buried his faithful coondog, Troop. They had hunted together for more than 15 years. They had been close friends.

The burial spot was a popular hunting camp where coon hunters from miles around gathered.

Out of one hunter's devotion to his faithful coonhound was born the "Key Underwood Coon Dog Memorial Graveyard," which has became a popular tourist attraction and is the only cemetery of its kind in the world.

Other hunters started doing the same when their favorite coon dogs died. Today more than 185 coon dogs from all across the United States are buried in this spot in Northwest Alabama.

A witness and a member of a local coon hunters' organization must verify the deceased was a coon dog before burial is allowed.

"We have stipulations on this thing," says Janice Williams, the secretary/treasurer of the Friends of the Coondog Cemetery, and caretaker of the Coon Dog Cemetery. "A dog can't run no deer, possum -- nothing like that. He's got to be a straight coon dog, and he's got to be full hound. Couldn't be a mixed up breed dog, a house dog."



Living Inspiration

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collages by me.
pictures via weheartit, the selby...

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Sydney-born Emma Brown Garrett, who made her big screen debut with Bengali movie "Shukno Lanka", has gone blonde in her Bollywood avatar and even picked up Hindi - all for the love of Indian cinema. Emma, who wants her age to be a guarded "secret", is upbeat about her new projects - the Abhishek Bachchan- starrer "Dum Maaro Dum" and Dharmendra-Sunny Deol-starrer "Yamla Pagla Deewana".



Wedding Bridal Grown 2011

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