New vest, new shirt, new ring...

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boots: deichmann (old), glasses: london.
rest: primark (new!)


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2011 by Hasse Nielsen for Stockholm magazine.
I love it, photography and styling are amazing!!!
Maybe I post my outfit and some new stuff later :)

What is robots.txt and how to create robots.txt

Robots.txt is a text file which is used to tell search robots to which page of our site to visit and which pages not to. Search engines gives importance to robots.txt and follows according to it. robots.txt is not a way from preventing search engines from crawling our site, its just used to say " boss please do not visit this page. Only visit the pages which I said to. ". We have to locate this robots.txt file in the root of our site ex:

how to create a robots.txt file:

Open a note pad and type the below given html code

User-agent: *

Disallow: /file-name.php
Disallow: /directory/

User-agents are search englines crawlers and disallow list the files and directories to be excluded form indexing.

enter the pages names and save the notepad as robots.txt and upload it to root of your site. Thats it. Hope this helped you in learning about robots.txt. If any thing missed please update it in comments.

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tiny foxes . . .

tiny foxes
from Kiev, in the Ukraine


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Endlich habe ich eine schöne Winterjacke, die auch noch wirklich warm hält!
Gefunden bei Vero Moda, fand ich sie erst ein wenig teuer,
hatte dann aber soviel Glück, sie am nächsten Tag im Sale zu finden :)
Heute ging's nach Bremen, es war mal wieder Zeit für Primark.
Kleidungstechnisch hab ich nicht viel gefunden, aber Tonnen an
Schmuck und zwei Paar tolle Schuhe, wird alles später gezeigt!
Die Qualität der Bilder ist leider nicht die beste,
aber es war irgendwie schon ein bisschen zu dunkel...
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This is my new winterjacket, finally one that looks good AND keeps me warm :)

Stars Akshay Kumar And Katrina Kaif Spotted Praying Wallpapers, Photo

The countdown to the release Bollywood Movie of Tees Maar Khan is on and its lead stars Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif were spotted praying for the film’s success at the Golden Temple.

Akshay, who is a Punjabi boy, had his head covered with a saffron patka with the symbol of Sikhism. Katrina was very simply dressed in a white kurta, pyjama and a black jacket to keep away the chill of Amritsar winters.

The duo prayed together and, accompanied by Gurudwara officials, took a round of the holy shrine. Akshay has had a poor year this year, with all his films flopping at box office. Hope his prayers will be answered and Tees Maar Khan will set the cash registers ringing.

Romantic Western Ball Gown Wedding Dress


ice lanterns . . .

christmas ice lanterns
to make

Benefits of Directory Submission

Hi friends, as a SEO we start with DS i.e directory submission for all sites. So whats the use of this DS? I am just giving some points here ... if you know more please update in comments, I will add it to the post later.

1) Directory submission is one of the most affordable, often free, link building methods.
Some Benefits of Directory Submission.

1. Its most affordable and free ( some times we may choose featured or reciprocal ) link building method :- Most of the directories offer free listings. To get listed we need to be careful while selecting right sub category. If you wanted to place in parent category rather in sub/child category you may have to pay or you may have to go with reciprocal linking.

2. It Increases Your Back links (one way):- Once the Webmaster of the Directory site approves our listing and once the SE bot crawl that page there is a chance of getting backlink from the directory.

3. Web Site Index By Search Engines:- There are some Directories which are having high page rank and having good number of visits. Search Engines gives importance to those directories more than any other DS sites. Once you listed in those site Search engines Indexes our site.

4. Click Through Traffic:- I heard that people used to be checking the Directory lists for their desired sites., its a history now. We cant expect much traffic from a DS Site. But nothing wrong in submitting rit?

5. Increased Visits From Search Engine Robots:- As I said earlier if our site listed in popular DS sites then robots will crawl as many times as it crawls that directory. ( hopefully )

Some more Uses which helps our site get SERP

6. Brand Building.
7. Free and Relevant Link Building Method.
8. Anchor Text Backlink Form the Directories.
9. Niche Directory Submission.
10. Find Link Exchange Partner.
11. Deep link submission:- There are many sites which allows us to submit our sites inner links as many as possible.

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Bollywood Actress Celebrities Geeta Basra. Celebrities Geeta Basra Birth Date on 13 March 1984 is an Indian actress who appears in Bollywood films. Geeta Basra has starred in two films.Geeta Basra was born to Punjabi Indian parents in Portsmouth on the south coast of England, but now resides in Mumbai. Geeta Basra has studied acting at Kishore Namit Kapoor's Acting School.Geeta Basra was first seen in Dil Diya Hai with Emraan Hashmi in 2006. Her second release in 2007 was also opposite Emraan Hashmi. She played Roma, a working woman who gets caught up in an extramarital affair.

Geeta Basra is also seen in the music video for the Sukshinder Shinda and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan song "Ghum Sum Ghum Sum", playing the love interest of the male protagonist. The song is from Shinda's upcoming album "Collaborations 2".Geeta Basra denies her relationship with Harbhajan, stating that they are merely good friends and she is very focused on her career at present.Geeta Basra has a brother ten years younger, Rahul Basra who lives in Portsmouth, England.

Bollywood Actress Geeta Basra Movie List :
-Dil Diya Hai
-The Train
-Vaada (Upcoming Movie in 2011)