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Anjori Alagh is an Indian actress and model. She is the daughter of renowned actress Maya Alagh and made her first appearance at the age of 4 in an advertisement. Her debut film was Vikram Bhatt's Life Mein Kabhie Kabhiee (2007). She is a trained Kathak dancer.

Anjori was born to the Alagh Punjabi Patel family in India. Her mother, Maya Alagh, is a popular Bollywood character actress, her father, Sunil, was CEO of Britannia Industries. Anjori also has a sister name Sawari who is married to Sameer Nair (CEO of NDTV).

Blackberry Sprint 8830: Blackberry Sprint 8830 Price and Features

Just few hours back Blackberry has launched Blackberry sprint 8830. BB Spring 8830 world edication smartphone come with adv. features sucah as GSM/CSMA. Sprint 8830 will avaialable from next month.

8830 supports browser, PDA & IM. We can send and receive mails through POP3 e-mail account and it is completely QWERTY keyboard, microsd slot, landscape QVGA and media player. Bad thing is it doesnt have camera.

Features of Blackberry sprint 8830

•    GPS enabled and preloaded with BlackBerry Maps application
•    64 MB of memory and expandable memory card slot using microSD
•    Speakerphone and voice activated dialing
•    Stereo Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
•    Instant Access to Sprints exclusive NFL Mobile Live
•    Next-generation media player with audio and video playback


•    Compact wall charger
•    USB data cable
•    Lithium ion battery
•    Holster

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The Wonderful World of SEO Metatags

Article Author Kate Morris

Meta tags are the beginning of most SEO training, for better and worse. I contemplated on how to introduce this topic because we always hear the bad part of meta tags, namely the keywords meta tag. One of the first things dissected in any site review is the misuse of meta tags, mainly because they are at the top of every page in the header, therefore the first thing seen. But we don't want to get too negative, meta tags are some of the best tools in a search marketer's repertoire.

There are more meta tags than just description and keywords, though those two are picked on the most. I've broken down the most used (in my experience) by the good, the bad and the indifferent. You'll notice that the list gets longer as we get to the bad ones. I didn't get to cover all of the meta tags possible to add, but there is a great Meta Tag resource you should check out if you're interested in what is out there.

My main piece of advice is to stick to the core minimum, don't add meta tags you don't need as they just take up code space. The less code you have the better. Think about it like this, your page code is like a set of step by step directions to get somewhere, but for a browser. Extraneous meta tags are the annoying 200 feet line items in directions that tell you to stay on the same road you were on! 
The Good Meta Tags

These are the meta tags that should be on every page, no matter what. Notice that this is a small list, these are the only two that are required, so if you can work with just these two, please do.

    * Meta Content Type - This tag is necessary to declare your character set for the page and should be present on every page. Leaving this out could impact how your page renders in the browser. A few options are listed below, but your web designer should know what is best for your site.

    * Meta Description - The infamous meta description tag is used for one major purpose, to describe the page to searchers as they read through SERPs. This tag does not influence ranking, but is very important regardless. It is your ad copy that will determine if the user clicks on your result. Keep it within 160 characters, and write it to get the user's attention. Sell the page, get them to click on the result. Rand wrote a great article in 2007 on meta descriptions that goes more in detail.

Edited In: I left out the title tag as it doesn't "start" with meta, but it is still technically a meta tag. You should always have a unique title tag on every page that describes the page. Check out this post for more information on title tags.
The Indifferent

Different sites will need to use these in specific circumstances, but if you can go without, please do.

    * Robots - One of the largest misconceptions is that you have to have a robots meta tag. Let's make this clear: In terms of indexing and link following, if you don't specify a meta robots tag, they read that as index,follow. It is only if you want to change one of those two commands that you need to add meta robots. Therefore, if you want to noindex but follow the links on the page, you would add the following tag with only the noindex, as the follow is implied. Only change what you want different than the norm.

    * Specific Bots (Googlebot) - These tags are used to give a specific bot instructions like noodp (forcing them not to use your DMOZ listing information) and noydir (same, instead the Yahoo Directory listing information). Generally the search engines are really good at this kind of thing, but if you think you need it, feel free. There have been some cases I've seen where it's necessary, but if you must consider using the overall robots tag listed above.
    * Language - The only reason to use this tag is if you are moving internationally and need to declare the main language used on the page. Check out this meta languages resource for a full list of languages you can declare.
    * Geo - These meta tags, last I heard, are supported by Bing, but not Google (you can target to country inside Webmaster Tools). There are three kinds: placename, position (latitude and longitude) and region.
    * Source - The new kid on the block, this is a tag (really two tags) that Google is testing out (thanks to the tip from my coworker Justin Briggs). It's mainly for news providers so that they can help the search engines understand who the original news source is and which ones are syndicates. The news world and search world are trying so very hard to get along, glad to see this one pop up.
    * Keywords - Yes, I put this on the indifferent because while no good SEO is going to recommend spending time on this tag, there is the small possibility it could help you somewhere. So please leave it out if you're building a site, but if it's automated there is no reason to take it out.
    * Refresh - This is the poor man's redirect and really should not be used if at all possible. You should always use a server side 301 redirect. But I know that sometimes things need to happen now. But Google is NOT a fan.
    * Site Verification - Your site is verified with Google and Bing right? Who has the verification meta tags on their homepage? These are sometimes necessary because you can't get the other forms of site verification loaded, but if at all possible try to verify another way. Google allows you to verify by DNS, external file, or by linking your Google Analytics account. Bing still only allows by XML file or meta tag, so go with the file if you can.

The Bad Meta Tags

There is nothing that will happen to your site if you use these, let me just make that clear. They are a waste of space though, even Google says so (and that was 5-6 years ago!). If you're ready and willing, it might be time for some spring cleaning of your area.

    * Author/Web Author - This tag is used to name the author of the page. It's just not necessary on the page.
    * Revisit After - This meta tag is a command to the robots to return to a page after a specific period of time. It's not followed by any major search engine.
    * Rating - This tag is used to denote the maturity rating of content. I wrote a post about how to tag a page with adult images using a very confusing system that has since been updated (See the comments). It seems as if the best way to note bad images is to place them on a separate directory from other images on your site and alert Google.
    * Expiration/Date - Expiration is used to note when the page expires, and date is the date the page was made. Are any of your pages going to expire? Just remove them if they are (but please don't, keep updating content, even contests, make it an annual contest!). And for date, make an XML sitemap and keep it up to date, that is so much more useful!
    * Copyright - That Google article debates with me here, but look at the footer of your site. I would guess it says "Copyright 20xx" in some form. Why say it twice?
    * Abstract - This tag is sometimes used to place an abstract of the content and used mainly by educational pursuits.
    * Distribution - The distribution value is supposedly used to control who can access the document, typically set to global. It's inherent that if the page is open (not password protected like on an intranet) that it is for the world. Go with it, and leave the tag off the page.
    * Generator - This is used to note what program created the page. Like author, useless.
    * Cache Control - This tag is set in hopes of controlling when and how often a page is cached in the browser. It's best to do this in the HTTP Header.
    * Resource Type - This is used to name the type of resource the page is, like "document." Save yourself time, as the DTD declaration does it for you.

Article Source : The Wonderful World of SEO Metatags

Eine gute Tat...

Mit meinem Blog Gutes zu tun... da überlege ich natürlich nicht lange:

"Überall glitzert und funkelt es, der Schnee liegt schon zentimeterhoch, auf den Weihnachtsmärkten duftet es nach Lebkuchen und Glühwein... und da auch in unseren Räumen weihnachtliche Stimmung eingekehrt ist, möchten wir dieses wohlige Gefühl weitergeben: Wir wollen all den kleinen Menschen etwas Gutes tun, die es nicht ganz so schön haben.

Daher wollen wir Euch Blogger zum Mitmachen aufrufen: Mit jeder Veröffentlichung spenden wir 25€ mehr an den Ernährungsfonds des Deutschen Kinderhilfswerks: Eure gute Tat zu Weihnachten versorgt ein bedürftiges Kind einen Monat lang mit Frühstück!
Wir freuen uns auf Eure Unterstützung!"

Macht doch auch mit :)

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Koala Bears - cute & endangered

Most of us, by now, know that koala are not really "bears."

But did you also know that koalas are social animals and can communicate with each other over long distances? But the most important fact about koalas is that the impact of intense urbanization has resulted in the destruction of their habitat, while the attacks of other animals, like domestic dogs and foxes, and traffic accidents, are causing the koala population to decline.

Source: Environmental Graffiti

bunny coats . . .

the sweetest
bunny coats

New Twitter Search Tool Helps Marketers Insight into User communities

PeopleBrowsr a social media analytics Comp. has launched its social search product which is designed to help to help managers and marketers to find the 1% of Twitter users. is a twitter search engine, it allows users to search tweets with specified keywords. Once you entered the keyword and started the searching, all the tweets will show in the left-hand portion of the application, if want user can filter the stream to show from various options, it might be tweets from followers, following, gender, breakout tweets by positive or negative. on right hand side, provides a graphical global overview of tweets for 7-days or 30-day time span. Here you will find chart showing keyword volume fluctuation over time.There’s even a word cloud highlighting common words housed within the tweets being dissected. In this area, also displays media related to tweets, including Twitpics and YouTube videos.

The company calls this technology “Viral Analytics,” and aims to help users track — in real-time — how information moves through the web.

The product also provides users with the opportunity to see degrees of separation from other Twitter users; this data can be exported to CSV.

In some ways, — which has a seven-day free trial — seems rather limited for its $99 per user, per month price tag. The unfettered access to Twitter data and the myriad of filters make for an interesting browsing experience, but there doesn’t seem to be much more you can do with the information you do discover.

Product Manager Brett Horvath says that’s because isn’t an engagement platform. “It’s a social search platform where you can find out what people are saying and map those [conversations] out,” he says. Hovarth also says its target audience — brand marketers and managers — are excited to pay for the product, which he believes provides them with unprecedented Twitter research tools.

PeopleBrowsr, as you may recall, started as a consumer-facing social application for managing Twitter and Facebook streams but has since switched to focus on enterprise-level data mining, analytics and brand engagement. The product represents the sum total of the company’s refined search technologies and its access to the full Twitter firehose.

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gingerbread canes . . .

gingerbread candy canes
(organic too)
and lots of other delicious goodies

faerie wear . . .

so many wonderful fae costumes
on this site
beautiful photography too!

South India Actress Aditi Agarwal Wallpaper, Hot Aditi Agarwal Wallpaper, Photo, Images

Hollywood And Bollywood Celebrities Wallpapers Provide To South India Actress Aditi Agarwal Hot Wallpapers, Aditi Agarwal gossip, Aditi Agarwal biography, Aditi Agarwal wallpapers, Aditi Agarwal Imgae Gallery, Aditi Agarwal Pics, South Indian Actress Wallpapers, Tamil Actress Latest Wallpapers Aditi agarwal Pictures.

South India Actress Aditi Agarwal Biography :
Aditi Agarwal is a South Indian actress. She made her debut in Raghavendra Rao's Gangotri (2003) with Allu Arjun. She played actor Prakash Raj's daughter who falls in love with her servant in this movie. The actress, who is Arthi Agarwal's sister, has also acted in M.S.Narayana’s Koduku.

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Mia Pearlman . . .

cut paper installations
using the play of light for extra dimension

Another celeb Frenchie fan

Ashley Olsen touched down at Los Angeles airport with her adorable traveling companion.


Very CUTE (& the dog, too)

Actor Gilles Marini and his French Bulldog Mila.

via People Pets

lanters to make . . .

beautiful lanterns to make
from paper doillies
(yes they have a Moroccan feel influenced
by my soon to be embarked upon
Moroccan adventure! ;-)
follow instructions here

Hindi Shayeri - must read

Wo jo shaamil hai mere geet mere naghmo mein,
Kabhi tanhai mein mujhko gun gunaati hogi,
Jiske liye mera dil beqaraar rahta hai,
Mere liye apna chain bhi gawanti hogi,
Jisse izhaar-e-wafa har pal karna chahoon,
Kabhi iqraar to wo bhi karna chahti hogi,
Jiske liye meri har raat hai karwat karwat,
Kabhi to use bhi neend na aati hogi,
Jiski ulfat ki shama se hai mera dil roshan,
Meri chahat ke wo bhi deep jalati hogi,

Too many turkey days - must sleep now!

Shopping for gifts? Remember homeless animals

During this happy season of gift giving, please take a moment to give a gift to a hard working, tireless, and very worthy Animal Welfare or Animal Rescue organization in your neighborhood. appreciates and supports the hard work and valuable services performed by animal welfare agencies and rescue organizations, so we offer them FREE SHIPPING on their orders. If you are ordering for a welfare or rescue, please e-mail me for the coupon code and you will receive free shipping on any order delivered to a rescue, welfare, or humane society address.

If you're looking for the best value, to gift many rescued animals, consider USA Rawhide Seconds/Irregulars, 10 pounds of USA Rawhide (approx. 15 to 25 pieces) for $22.50, or Dog Toys, starting as low as $1.00 each. also has a great selection of Christmas Themed treats and chewies, some in bulk packs of 50 pieces - great gifts to keep homeless pets busy and happy at any time.

Too Much of Technology (Cartoons)