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Prachi Desai Gujarati born 12 September 1988 is an Indian film and television actress. She is best known for her role as Bani Walia in the Hindi television drama. Kasamh Se which aired on Zee TV. Prachi is the endorser, spokesperson, brand ambassador and the face of Neutrogena products in India.

Prachi hails from Hanuman Bhagda, Valsad and was born in Surat, Gujarat. She studied in St Joseph Convent, Panchgani and completed her schooling till ninth grade in Surat. After that, she went to Pune for higher studies. She studied at Sinhagad college, Kondhwa, Pune.

Prachi Desai’s Movies :
Prachi Desai’s debut in movies was in the role of Sakshi in Rock On (2008) opposite Farhan Akhtar. She was convincing in her portrayal of a wife who is trying to make their marriage work.

Her upcoming movies are a comedy Life Partner with Tusshar Kapoor and Once Upon A Time In Mumbai with Emraan Hashmi.

Prachi on TV :
Prachi Desai’s first role in television was with Balaji Telefilms’ Kasam Se on Zee TV as Bani. She was part of the serial until 2008. She became the surprise winner of Jhalak Dikhla Ja 2 after returning back to the show as a wild card entry.

In Vodafone’s Yeh Hai Jalwa she was seen as a mentor for the team ‘Masti Ki Paathshaala’. She won the Sabse Favourite Kaun’s Best Newcomer Award as as well as Best Actress on Television at the Kalakar’s Awards.

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7 and 10.1 inches android tablets and 4.8 inch smart phone from Acer

Acer is placing its bets behind Android with the announcement of a 7-inch tablet, a 10.1-inch tablet and a 4.8-inch smartphone based off of Google’s mobile OS.

The unnamed tablets sport 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, an eye-popping 1280×800 screen resolution and 1080p HDMI capacity. The 10.1-inch tablet is 13.3mm thick, making it just slightly wider than Apple’s 12.7mm iPad tablet. The larger tablet also boast a 5MP rear camera and a front-facing one. Both devices will go on sale in April 2011.

Acer also took the opportunity today to announce a 4.8-inch hybrid smartphone/tablet device. Also yet to be named, the smartphone is similar to the Dell Streak, but is definitely more powerful. It sports a 1024×480 screen resolution (a ridiculous resolution for a phone), a 21:9 aspect ratio, an 8MP camera with an LED flash, a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor and a Gyroscope/accelerometer combo that makes it ideal as a portable gaming device. It also launches in April 2011.

Beyond ridiculously awesome screen resolutions, all three devices run on AndroidAndroidAndroid. Acer did not reveal in its press releases which version each will run, but we’re hoping at least one of these devices will run the Gingerbread OS (Android 2.3) or even Honeycomb (Android 3.0?).

During its media blitz today, Acer also revealed the ICONIA, a hybrid laptop/tablet with a dual-screen running Microsoft’s Windows 7 OS. Instead of using a keyboard, the ICONIA uses a touch-based keyboard and gesture controls. It has 4 GB of RAM, two 14-inch multitouch displays, and an Intel Core i5 CPU.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Have an excellent Thanksgiving, everyone.



Photograph by Michael McEvoy, DEEP Indonesia/Barcroft/Fame Pictures

A close-up of a blue-eyed moray eel in Indonesia captured an honorable mention in the "Indonesia Residents" category of the fourth annual Deep Indonesia International Underwater Photo Competition, whose winning photos were released to the press earlier this month.

Known to grow as long as about 5 feet (1.5 meters), moray species generally lack pectoral fins, unlike most other eel species.


A Squirrel's Guide to Fashion

In the early 1940s, a woman in Washington, DC, adopted a squirrel after she found the critter orphaned in a tree. The squirrel, dubbed Tommy Tucker by the family -- of which he soon became a part -- accompanied the lady of the house on shopping trips, visits to the local children's hospital, and the like. She also, it turned out, enjoyed dressing him up in specially made outfits.


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Don't think too much. Just act.

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Corinna Drengk by Josefine Bietti
Es könnte sein, dass es arbeitsbedingt in den nächsten
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Aarti Chabria Hot New Wallpapers, Aarti Chabria Hot New Photo, Aarti Chabria Images

Bollywood Celebrities Wallpapers & Photos with Images of Aarti Chhabria. Download New Aarti Chhabria Hot stills, Aarti Chhabria Hot wallpaper, Aarti Chhabria New images, Aarti Chhabria Latest pictures.

Aarti Chhabria born 21 November 1982 is an Indian actress and a former model, who appears in Bollywood, Telugu and Kannada movies. Aarti Chhabria was born in Mumbai. She comes from a Sindhi family. Her family has no connections with Bollywood or any other Indian movie industry. Her father is a dentist Dr. Ashok Chabria, and her mother Sunita Chabria is a designer for beaded curtains and pelmets. She has a younger brother named Abhishek. She is fluent in English and Hindi.

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Soldiers and dogs deploy for Afghanistan

FT. LEONARD WOOD, MO -- Families and friends said their farewells to about a dozen military men, women, and dogs Monday.

Ft. Leonard Wood held a deployment ceremony for the Engineer Canine Company, 5th Engineer Battalion.

The group included 5 working dogs and their handlers, plus 4 veterinarian technicians.

The soldiers are headed to Afghanistan to support Operation Enduring Freedom.


Rachael Ray Donates $775,000 to Pets in Need

Wouldn't it be great if more wealthy celebrities would do this?
This holiday season, Ray is donating 100 percent of proceeds from her Nutrish and Just 6 pet food and treat lines to animal shelters nationwide, giving away a total of $775,000 before Dec. 31.

Currently on the road to promote her newest cookbook, Look + Cook, Ray is also sponsoring pop-up adoption events for the shelters she's supporting in the hopes of raising awareness for her cause. "We only give to no-kill shelters," she says. "But we give to small and large; no one's excluded. We want to keep as many animals alive as possible."


New large pink moth discovered in Arizona

The mountains of southeastern Arizona have been a favorite collecting site for lepidopterists for generations. Yet new species continue to be described at the rate of about three per year.

One of the latest discoveries is the largest member of the genus Lithophane, a group of particularly large and beautifully coloured moths. Lithophane leeae has a forewing length 25% larger than the previous record, measuring 25mm, and more extensive and brighter pink coloration. So far known from a single female collected at 7,700ft elevation in mid-June in the Chiricahua Mountains, this species is predicted to feed on pine, like related species.


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Cornish artist
Geoffrey Bickley
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Penguin Gets Prosthetic Beak

Five month-old Tungo was found on a beach in Rio de Janeiro with a shattered bill that had been damaged by a boat propeller.

Discovering that he was unable to eat, vets at Rio de Janeiro zoo built him a brand-new acrylic beak, shaped from a broken piece of the original.

This is the first operation of its type on a penguin in Latin America.


via Neatorama

Huge Boa Constrictor Found In Car Engine

A California couple returning from a trip to the grocery store Thursday found a 9-foot boa constrictor under the hood of their car.

Animal control workers used a little cooking oil to loosen the red tail boa's grip on the car engine.

It's not clear where the snake came from. But animal control workers said they suspect it broke free from its owner's care.


Moth leaf . . .

Jenny Lee Fowler

Astronomers find giant extragalactic planet

Astronomers have for the first time spotted a planet that originated outside the galaxy.

Till date, about 500 planets have been discovered. This is the first known planet to have been born elsewhere.

The gas planet, at least 25 percent heavier than Jupiter or 400 times heavier than Earth, orbits a star that started life in a dwarf galaxy, according to the journal Science Express.

Known as HIP 13044b, the hydrogen and helium planet sits in a solar system belonging to a group of stars called the Helmi stream, some 2,000 light years away from Earth, the Telegraph reports.

Between six and nine billion years ago, the Helmi merged with the Milky Way in an act of 'galactic cannibalism'. It is now in a southern constellation of the Milky Way called the Fornax or Furnace.

Because of the vast distance, astronomers at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in La Silla, Chile, could not detect the planet visibly, using the 2.2 metre-diameter telescope.

Instead, they inferred its existence from tiny telltale wobbles of the star.

These are caused by the gravitational tug of its large orbiting companion, which the astronomers detected with a high-resolution spectrograph attached to the telescope.

Rainer Klemen, of the Max-Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg, Germany, said: 'This discovery is very exciting. For the first time, astronomers have detected a planetary system in a stellar stream of extragalactic origin.'

The planet is orbiting a star which is approaching the end of its life, having exhausted its hydrogen fuel and gone through a stage of massive expansion - called the red giant phase - in which it probably consumed the inner planets in its solar system.

It has now contracted again and is burning helium in its core.


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