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Sleeves Wedding Dress


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I really like these pictures, especially the white maxidress!

blue bell light . . .

perfect for a spring garden

Technology Camera Device

They forget that not everything in their lives. The man himself went that way and one can only count on the number of clicks from a camera that is happening between a group of people while sitting in a restaurant or attend the meeting.

Days the technology used in a completely different camera, and now you can have more than one static image in every way that you stay with you forever. With the advent of video cameras are many technologies available in the market where you can actually make a film can be adjusted as a whole, so that even a single conversation that occurred on that date will always stay with you forever, and that without even a single word. You can even send pictures from anywhere during video calls over the Internet using the latest camera as a result of discovery that is often referred to as a webcam. There are different types of web camera and the camera is being used increasingly by the public. The Internet allows portable devices usually these cameras come with built in devices with unique IP addresses that have, so you worry about is not a place where you store your favorite chat sessions or conversations on your computer. You can also use a web camera anywhere and Britain could in your system, things are happening today, where are stored the IP camera to see. Many people use these cameras for security purposes in different organizations and also used in many homes. You can also work effectively, this camera when something happens in your place and you do not participate for various reasons.

autumn alchemy . . .

"into the woods"

"golden heart"
beautiful detailed illustrations by
who just happens to be the
oh so talented daughter of
a very dear friend of mine
be sure to visit her etsy shop too

you don't have a soul, you are a soul. you have a body.

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Heute: Sonne, Grillen, Alster, Chillen,
Balzac, Präsentation üben, Sonne, Sonne, Sonne :D
Ich konnte heute endlich mein
neues Kurzjäckchen anziehen, hab ich mir vor
einer Woche bei Vero Moda gegönnt, wie lange
suche ich schon so eine Jacke!
Das Oberteil ist Vintage, Jeans von H&M, Schuhe und Brille auch.
Die Schuhe vom zweiten Bild sind von Deichmann,
letztes Jahr gekauft. Was für ein schöner Tag, jetzt bin ich gewappnet für
die anstrengende nächste Woche :)