A garden... full of flowers and sun.

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Meine Lieblinge der neuen H&M Garden Collection.
Die gesamte Kollektion besteht aus wirklich wunderschönen Teilen, die Lust auf Sommer machen (auch wenn es bei Schneestürmen und eisigen Temperaturen nicht wirklich leichtfällt, sich vorzustellen, diese leichten Kleider und Tops irgendwann auch tragen zu können!)

Ich freue mich jedenfalls, wenn die Teile Ende März in den Läden hängen und uns die Wartezeit auf den Sommer verkürzen :)

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Bilder via H&M

Sasha and Freja

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Meine bisher liebste Fotostrecke 2010, wobei ich erwähnen sollte, dass sie aus der UK Vogue vom September 2009 stammt... nunja, grad entdeckt und deshalb halt 2010!!
Einfach nur toll, aber das ist ja auch kein Wunder mit Sasha und Freja als Models.
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Habt einen schönen Abend!



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Heute war ein kleines Minishopping angesagt, verbunden mit allerlei anderen Besorgungen und Terminen... Ich habe mich total gefreut, als ich sah, dass es das süße Bambi-Top aus dem H&M-Frühlingskatalog bereits jetzt in den Läden zu kaufen gibt :)
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New Wedding Dress

Amazing gown! Featured in Elegant Bride's "In The Details" as Precious Petals. Via

2009 new wedding dress

Two pieces hand made My Lady couture wedding dress. The strapless bodice is a corset decorated with the finest Swarowsky crystals and the skirt is made from the finest organza fabric. Via

Your Guide to Engagement Rings

Your Guide to Engagement Rings

You're ready to pop the question, now you just need the ring. With the vast array of options, how's a guy supposed to choose? Don't panic, we’ll step you through the process (and nudge you whenever you start to hyperventilate). In the end, we want to make sure you get the most for your money--a ring that will leave her breathless, while leaving your budget intact. We’ll run through the steps first, and then introduce you to Amazon’s Create Your Own Ring tool to take you the rest of the way.

Set your budget
How much should you spend? The old "three months’ salary" advice may be a useful starting point, but it’s not a hard-and-fast rule. You can spend less and still find a terrific ring, or you can spend more and splurge on size or quality. The only "correct" amount to spend is the amount that fits your budget. With our enormous inventory, Amazon can help you find a beautiful ring at any price point. Create your own ring or shop pre-set engagement rings.

Know her style
The best way to find out what she likes is to ask her. Better yet, look at rings together. If you want the ring to be a total surprise, though, you’ll need to do a little sleuthing. Pay close attention to her style. Check out the jewelry she wears. Is it traditional? Romantic? Modern? Practical? Does she like showier pieces, or more subtle styles? What color of metal does she usually wear—white or yellow?

Don’t be afraid to enlist her friends and relatives to help. Ask her mom, her sister, or her best friend for advice (but first, make sure they can keep a secret).

Choose the setting
The diamond you choose will be mounted in a ring, which is called the setting. That setting can be simple, or elaborate. It can hold the diamond flush with the band, or raise it high above it. It can highlight the diamond in a simple way, or it can shimmer with accent stones or fancy metalwork. Again, knowing her style will help you choose the right setting. Looking for something tried-and-true? Some of the most popular and classic diamond settings are the solitaire, the cathedral, the three-stone, and the channel setting.

Consider her hand size when you choose the setting. A broader band will balance long, slender fingers, while something more petite will complement a smaller hand. For a flattering result, look for a diamond and setting that are proportionate to her ring size.

When you choose the setting, you’ll also need to choose the metal: White gold or yellow? Fourteen karat? Eighteen karat? Or platinum? See our Precious Metals Guide for help.

Choose a diamond shape
We're talking overall geometry of the diamond here. By far, the most preferred diamond shape is round-brilliant. With its 360 degree symmetry, it gives off the most sparkle. Princess shapes are the second most popular choice, with their clean square lines, modern look, and beautiful sparkle. Other choices include the regal-looking marquise (which has the advantage of lengthening the finger), the classic emerald cut, and the radiant cut (a blend of emerald and round-brilliant). The oval diamond is an elongated variation of the popular round brilliant, while the asscher diamond resembles an emerald cut, but with a squared shape and unique blocked corners. Other fancy shapes, such as pear, heart, and cushion, round out the list of possibilities.

10k White Gold or Yellow Gold Channel-Set Diamond Band

Write your own unique love story with this high-polish 10k gold ring featuring channel-set round diamonds. Total diamond weight is 1/2 carat. Clarity is I2-I3 which means flaws will be visible with naked eye. The same ring is available in better qualities.

Tungsten Carbide Polished Men's Wedding Ring

There's not much to say about this tungsten ring that isn't already documented in the product description. The color is beautiful and the weight is just like I wanted it, rather heavy on the finger. Transaction was effortless, and so was exchanging it for smaller size. I am very happy with both the product and the vendor.

GENICANTHUS Tungsten Carbide Faceted Wedding Ring

GENICANTHUS Tungsten Carbide Faceted Wedding Ring

This is a great ring, the facets give it lots of bling and it is very comfortable. It is brighter and better looking than the picture. Would buy another replacement in a heartbeat.

Multi Faceted 7mm Comfort Fit Mens Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Ring

Style: multi faceted gun metal finish, Width: 7mm, Ring Size 10 (available in this size only) MSRP: $49.99 Imagine wearing a ring that never needs polishing, a ring that is virtually scratch proof. Tungsten carbide rings are the future. With rugged looks and a modern design our Tungsten carbide rings are prefect as a wedding band or as a fashion accessory. Tungsten carbide is 4 times harder than titanium. Rated between 8 and 9 on the Mohs scale the hardest of which is diamond being rated a 10. Tungsten Carbide is so hard it can''t be engraved on, Our diamond tipped engraving machine barely makes a scratch. Completely hypoallergenic our tungsten carbide rings will never turn your finger green or cause irritation to your skin. If you need a durable yet elegant ring this is for you.

8MM Men's Multi-faceted Tungsten Carbide Ring

This beautiful tungsten carbide ring is 8MM in width and comfort fit. It is all high polish with multi-faceted squares. If you are looking for a ring that is scratch proof and forever keep its shine, than our Tungsten Carbide rings are for you. Tungsten Carbide is ranked second hardest next to diamond on the Mohs scale, diamond being a 10 followed by Tungsten Carbide as 9. All of our Tungsten rings are Cobalt Free and hypoallergenic. Our rings will not cause skin irritations or turn your fingers green. Due to the Hardness of Tungsten, these rings can be laser engraved, but not hand engraved.

Engagement rings for cheap

Engagement rings replace the promise of eternal love and loyalty. This is a commitment to another person is incomplete without some form of expression. This is a term that rings the engagement rings that too expensive. However, there are some people with lower rings to their families. Dear cycles are simply irresistible and so kind.

Many jewelry designers a category to see the engagement rings to their gallery. Designer sounds like Ross-Simons at tiffany's is quite expensive.

Winston robbery was a design, the course was incomparably unique and very expensive. Since a minimum of $ 15,000, the rings are priced for a long life.

The cost of a ring is based on the carat weight of diamonds. Furthermore, the diamond shape is essential. Diamonds, not to involve the brilliance and fire is the most expensive of all. Therefore, the round brilliant diamonds are more expensive because they are difficult to do.

Many famous designers can provide their customers with their loved rings. Although the design of your ring, your diamond, then pick a ring. There are 10 pieces of diamonds more 'popular, with Asscher, emerald, round, princess, cushion, and others. You can also customize according to your price range, then you can use right of the Rings, not just for your needs, but affordable.

Ideal for the cutting of diamonds is very expensive. Other options are excellent, good or very good. Moreover, the full clarity, it is not easy to achieve, is a diamond of inestimable value. You must remember that all these points when you buy or design your own diamond rings.

mood: hm.. pretty good.

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Der erste Tag wieder zurück an der Uni verlief ziemlich gut, nur der Schlafmangel macht sich langsam ein wenig bemerkbar..
Wie das eben nach den Ferien so ist, nicht wahr?
Diese Fotostrecke habe ich eben entdeckt, verbreiten die Bilder nicht einfach nur gute Laune?
Schön zu sehen, dass Models auch immer noch richtig schön lachen können :)

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Achso, eins noch... nachdem ich immer noch ziemlich viele Fragen per Mail oder per Kommentar bekomme, weise ich euch noch einmal auf meinen Formspring-Account hin, dort ist das Beantworten eurer Fragen leichter und geht auch vor allem schneller für mich!!

Ich hoffe, auch ihr hattet einen schönen ersten Tag an der Uni, in der Schule, auf der Arbeit oder vielleicht auch immer noch gemütlich zu Hause?!


Latest Lisa Lazarus Photos, Veer Actress Lisa Lazarus Hot Photos

Salman Khan’s upcoming movie Veer has Miss UK Lisa Lazarus in the female lead. Lisa Lazarus is the winner of Miss Universe UK, 2008. It is said that she is look alike of Salman’s lady love Katrina. She had started shooting for the film and the film is expected to release by mid 2009.

Bollywood Actress New Collection Photos, Gallery Pictures

Hot Bollywood Actress Shruti Hassan Photos, Pics, Pictures Gallery

Shruti Rajalakshmi Haasan is daughter of South indian super star Kamal Haasan and Sarika.

Shruti haasan was born on January 28, 1986 in Chennai,India

Shruti haasan multi talented like her father Kamal Haasan

Shrthi Haasan who has a Singer,model,actress,Music composer and she sang her 1st song at the age six in her father's Thevar Magan.She 2nd song came in Hey Ram

She has recently sung in a Tamil film, for Gautham menon's Vararanam Aayiram under the composition og Harris Jayaraj,Shruti haasan is also midway through her debut album,which she has composed, written ans sungand is set for release in mid-2009.She is also sung in her up coming Hindi movie,Luck

In 2000, Shruti Haasan made her cinematic debut in the Tamil and Hindi bilingual film, Hey Ram, directed by her father Kamal Haasan.