nächste woche geht's von freitag bis montag nach paris.
(vorfreude hoch 10!)
jetzt seid ihr gefragt, irgendwelche tipps abseits des mainstream?
shopping, essen, sehenswürdigkeiten, parks, plätze usw...

ich würde mich freuen :)

ansonsten häng ich hier schon den ganzen tag wie ein schluck wasser in der kurve... waren gestern ja schön feiern und der schlafmangel macht sich bemerkbar ;) war aber toll. erst lecker gegrillt und dann die nacht durchgetanzt!

ich wünsche euch ein wunderbares wochenende!

next week, i will go to paris form friday to monday and i need your help!
do you have any suggestions for me?
places to shop, to eat or just to visit?
i would love to hear them :)

love, hippiegirl ♥

Smile, it's Friday!

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Help Set a Guinness World Record

In celebration of the unique bond between pets and their owners, Petplan Pet Insurance is looking to set a Guinness World Record by creating the world’s largest exhibition of pet photographs.

It’s a mammoth task – they need 138,000 pictures of pets.

Here's one of the entries:

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Kajol Biography
Yesteryears' actress Tanuja may not have reached
Mumbai's stellar skyline, as far as her popularity was concerned, but she had elegance, style and piquancy that very few actresses of her times possessed.

It is that style, class and piquancy that sets apart daughter Kajol from the rest of her contemporaries.

Born to the producer-actress duo of Shomu Mukherjee and Tanuja on August 5, 1975, Kajol grew up in an influential setting. Her father and uncles ruled in the arena of producing films and her mother, Tanuja, aunt Nutan and grandmother Shobhana Samarth were established actresses par excellence.

Her childhood, with sister Tanisha, was very normal and healthy. There was no dearth of happiness. 'We had toys, outings, studies, everything we could ask for' revealed the actress in an interview. Though in her growing up years she saw her parents split, it did not really affect her, she says.

Kajol took up films more as a hobby pursuit than a career choice. Rooted firmly in a family of film people, Kajol has strong financial support. Therefore, the actress was fortunate to never having to compromise on the kind of films she wanted to do for the sake of money.

The pre-requisites of a Bollywood actress, like a light complexion, dancing abilities, a slim and slender silhouette, chiseled features, all this Kajol did not enjoy. But she was an individual who did not fear to voice her thoughts and opinions, had loads of confidence, and oozed talent.

a bit of summer.


heute präsentiere ich euch meine neue jeansjacke.
flohmarktfund vom wochenende für den sensationellen preis von einem euro :)
ich freu mich!



top:vero moda.necklace,leggings:h&m.sunglasses:c& (again)
jacket:fleamarket, necklace:asos. bracelet:present

die schule habe ich nun abgeschlossen. montag war meine letzte abiprüfung, die ich mit 11 punkten gut gemeistert habe.
ich verlasse die schule mit einem abi von 1,8 , worüber ich mich sehr freue. morgen wird dann kräftig gefeiert, ABI '09 :)


this is my new jeans jacket, which i bought at the fleamarket on saturday.
guess the price! it's 1 euro :) what a fantastic bargain, isn't it?
have a wonderful evening!

genießt den endlich mal wieder etwas sommerlichen abend,
peace, hippiegirl ♥

Today's awwww

Two baby Masked Lovebirds, a 3-day old, left, and a 3-week old, right.

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Howlin' Good Music

What happens when a bunch of musicians who really listen to what their dogs are saying get together and produce music?

Some dog loving Chicago-area musicians, under the direction of mastermind Bob Dorman, have created Dog Tracks -- Songs by Dogs.

Songs include "Mama Was a Mutt," "I Gotta Go O-U-T," and "Please Come Home."

My favorite is "Take Me Home" because Dog Tracks -- Songs by Dogs is a novel, entertaining idea, but it is also a great way to help animal rescue and adoption organizations - $1.00 from each CD sold is automatically donated to help pet shelters.

The Dog Tracks -- Songs by Dogs website is a fun place to visit. You can listen to clips of all the songs, meet the musicians, and find rescue organizations in your area to volunteer at or donate to.

According to an article by Sharon Peters in USA Today, only 141 CD's have been sold so far. But Bob Dorman is looking at this in a very positive way

"I know it sounds crazy, but our goal is to sell 1 million copies. That would be 5,000 dogs saved. Well, we've only got 999,859 sales to go."

Maybe we can help - let's all go to and BUY A CD.

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Skamper Ramp Dog Boat Ramp

Thousands of dogs drown in pools each year.
Senior Pet Products has a solution.

According to the American Pet Association over 71 % of the population own pets, and 51 % of the population own a pool or spa. Together these numbers could spell big trouble for the pets and their owners alike. It is common knowledge that dogs swim by nature; they paddle around in water with little to no difficulty, but getting out of the water is something entirely different. Pets do not usually die because of their lack of swimming skills, but by exhaustion and their inability to exit the body of water.

The Skamper Ramp Dog Boat Ramp - a white, box-corrugated, hi-tech plastic ramp attaches to the side of the pool, walled pond, and even most boats and docks. Animals can see it — day or night — and they "skamper" out on the ramp.
It provides animals with a way out of their water entrapment.

$89.99 at Senior Pet Products