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back. and happy.


i'm back :)
i spent last week with my family on a little island in denmark and it was so fantastic and relaxing!
we had a lot of sun and so much to laugh!
i took a lot of pictures which i'll show you, of course!
here are the first ones.


i took these on wednesday, when i was (a little bit) shopping with my mum.


i hope, i don't bore you with my blazer, but it's just LOVE♥


i hope, you also enjoyed your week.
now, i have to read and answer all your lovely comments and check out your new posts :)
love, hippiegirl♥

wedding Music For Your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding is the most special occasion of every one’s life. On this happiest occasion you have lots of plans of dance and sing. Music is a really very effective to speak your emotion with your love. Songs have a way of staying with you. If you have a favorite love song or if the two of you have a special song that defines your relationship and consider adding it to the ceremony and in your song will stand out and become associated with you and your wedding forever. In a special wedding party music is very essential to make spirit of fun and enjoyment.

The selection of wedding music is also means a lot on your wedding party. Coincidentally, my husband is a wedding singer. He says that some of the songs performed for the processional or first dance go very well within the wedding ceremony. The song is play in BARAAT and the coming of the groom and this friends and family partner dance in look of the horse seat clean. They bring the groom to the wedding venue amidst a cheery atmosphere. At the occasion of BARAAT wedding bend are make big fun and at the party dance floor are the best alternative for nowadays.

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Special Engagement Ring For Bride And Groom

In an Wedding dress the engagement is first step of all wedding rituals the trend of engagement is celebrated as small wedding party. In an Indian wedding engagement is very essential rituals in which the exchange of ring take place between bride and groom so the main attraction for the day is the rings of both bride and groom.

After a through search on web we have finally finded out the best engagement ring for bride and groom these designer rings are designed by Anita Ko. Anita Ko designer collection of ring presents the huge variety of fashionable earrings among them two best and special designs of rings I have chosen for your engagement. 18 karat gold diamond encrusted panther ring for groom the golden look with sparkly diamonds adorned in the shape of panther and the next unique ring designed by Anita Ko for bride is a delicate stylish ring for bride is stunning diamond encrusted silver ring with new overlapping sparkling diamonds.Via

Kites Movie Review, Preview, Picture Gallery, Photos

Kites Bollwood Movie
A love story that crosses borders and linguistic barriers, Kites is a tale of romance between an Indian guy and a Mexican beauty.

Starring Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori in lead roles, the movie is directed by Anurag Basu and produced by Rakesh Roshan .

The film has Hrithik playing a man named J, who once used to be a clever, street smart, charming guy, but is now a wanted man. To add to his woes he’s left to die in the scorching heat of the Mexican desert. Only one desire keeps him alive, to find the woman he loves.

That woman is Natasha (Barbara Mori). She is engaged to another man, but that makes no difference to J. If loving her brings down loads of troubles on him, J would happily bear it all.

What is the fate of this love story where the lovers don’t even speak each other’s languages? While she talks in Spanish, he speaks Hindi with a smattering of English.

Kangana Ranaut completes the love triangle by adding another angle to the Hrithik-Barbara love story.

The film has some breath-taking dances from Hrithik, Barbara and Kangana. The choreography in these songs is by Flexy Stu, a renowned American choreographer. For one song shot in Mumbai, Farah Khan did the choreography.

Kites info :
Starring : Hrithik Roshan, Nicholas Brown, Luce Rains, Bárbara Mori more...
Director : Anurag Basu
Language : English
Genre : Romance, Action, Thriller
Banner : Film Kraft

Kites Movie Tralier

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