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fly me through the sky on a satin butterfly.



today: shopping, shopping, shopping :) it was so much fun! i found great stuff and the weather was just perfect!
i hope, you also enjoyed your day?

some of my boughts.
h&m, 5e.

h&m, 10e. (love it♥!)

h&m, 15e.

c&a, 19e.

pimkie, 20e.

vero moda, 17e.

what do you think?
peace and kisses,
hippiegirl ♥

Video: Animals vs. Mirrors

From BuzzFeed a bunch of videos of pets reacting adorably stupid to their own reflections.

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Fursday Fun

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Loving Mothers - Mother's Day 2009

For Mother's Day 2007, we presented A Mother's Love. This year, we continue with "Loving Mothers", a tribute to the love of mothers of every species.

Happy Mother's Day!

Tad Motoyama/Los Angeles Zoo

Amanda O'Donohue/Knoxville Zoo

Win McNamee / Getty Images

Michael Gottschalk / AFP - Getty Images

Save China's Tigers / EPA

Attila Kovacs / AP Photo

Arno Burgi / EPA

Robin Loznak / The News-Review

Liminal Effects

Zhou Qingxian / Zuma Press

Zoo Altlanta via AP

Nigel Treblin / AFP - Getty Images

AP Photo/WCS, Julie Larsen Maher

AP Photo/Wong Maye-E

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"making-of" :)


da der sommer sich zur zeit leider nicht blicken lässt, trug ich heute mal wieder mein geliebtes karohemd.
ich hoffe, ich langweile euch nicht mit meinen outfitposts ohne viele worte, aber im moment habe ich einfach keine zeit für lange romane.
viel gelerne, gearbeite und so weiter und so fort.
naja, ihr kennt das ja!




shirt:p&c.shorts:DIY.tights,top,belt, headband:h&m.

enjoy your day and thank you so much for your lovely comments on the last post :)
special thanks to Elena, who compared me or my style with kate moss! yaaay, thanks dear :)

love, hippiegirl ♥

Today's awwww

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Joke: Hard Working Duck

A duck walks into a bar and says, "I'll have a beer".

The bartender says "Hey! where did you come from?"

The duck says "I'm working the construction site across the street".

And the bartender says, "Well why are you working construction when you could be making millions in the circus?"

And the duck said "What would the circus want with a brick laying duck?"

and i'm singing in the rain.


it's rainy, windy, cold.
but i don't care, i'm happy and in a very good mood :)
today, i'm wearing my new blazer, which i "pimped" with some studs, what do you think about it?

blazer:fleamarket&DIY.tights,top,cardigan,hat:h& levis.

enjoy the day and don't worry about the rain!
peace, hippiegirl

ps: die wunderbare marie von who cares about fashion hat ein interview mit mir gemacht. vielen lieben dank dafür :)
check it out!