Bridal Wedding Dress

At the time of wedding dress the special dress bridal needs which are in fashion which is design by special designers. Bridal wants its dress design by a special designer also of her own choice. For that there is facility of online wedding dress design it saves your time.

You get wedding dress of your own choice by sitting at your house and with the wedding gown it is also necessary that your jewelry was also match with your wedding dress and for more matching you have to match your sandals with your wedding dress.

The trend of formal and informal weeding dress was comes and out it depends on fashion and here is design to suggest you the latest fashion of wedding dress gowns. Features are Metallic Embroidery, Silk Taffeta also the white color mach suit. The Embroidery on this dress makes it mach beautiful and this wedding dress was of latest design also stylish.

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Today i visted Hamburgs most famous fleamarket :) i really enjoyed it and bought great stuff!


Heute ging es seit langer Zeit endlich mal wieder auf Hamburgs berühmten Schanzenflohmarkt, auch Flohschanze genannt.
Bei diesem Sonnenschein war es nicht überraschend, dass es sehr voll war. Naja, noch früher konnte ich mich nun wirklich nicht aus dem Bett quälen ;)
Trotz Fülle war es einfach wunderbar. Die Menschen waren gut gelaunt und ich habe ein paar schöne Schätze ergattern können!

Zuerst diesen hübschen Schlüssel, den ich an eine lange Kette machen möchte- 50 Cent.

This beautiful key was my first bought... i want to use it as a charm for a necklace.

Diese Tasche hat die perfekte Größe und ist aus echtem Leder :) Ihre vorherige Besitzerin fragte mich unsicher, ob 3 Euro zu viel seien... ich habe sie dann für 2 Euro bekommen!

This bag has the perfect size and it's real leather (for 2 Euro!) :)

Zuletzt dann noch dieser Blazer, den ich wirklich liebe :) Wie lange habe ich schon nach einem blau-weiß gestreiften, bezahlbaren (!) Blazer gesucht... für 3 Euro gehört dieses Schmuckstück nun mir!

I also bought this blazer, which i really love (love at first sight, haha!)... i was looking for a striped one for months and finally i got one!!

And here are some impressions of this wonderful day.


so, i hope you like this post :)
i wish you a wonderful weekend,
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Impression Bridal wedding dress designer

If you are a bride and short time remains for your wedding and you are in full tension for your wedding dress and no one is near you that can solve your problem then now you are with me and trust me I am able to solve all your problem of wedding dress because many new wedding dress designers are present in my known area that’s why relax and don’t take any single tension for your wedding dress.

A wedding dress I have seen today it’s the best and very attractive wedding dress and I think searching of wedding dress especially of your kind of brides who are in tension is finished now because designer Impression Bridal is with you for removing all your problems related to wedding dress.

Impression Bridal comes in the category of common famous wedding dress designers of our world and always be in demand due to their extraordinary work and in designers fields its not important how you look peoples give respect to your work that’s why these designers takes interest in their work.

Impression Bridal wedding dress designer has been presenting its wedding dresses from many previous years and every bride is happy and satisfied by its wedding dress work and now what I am going to show you it’s the one of its wedding dress from its collection its 2915 style code, floor dress length, bridal gown, strapless neckline and mermaid silhouette means now your tension is finished.

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sick and tired.

sorry for the absence, but i'm sick again :( that sucks!!!

gestern musste sogar meine geplante weisheitszahn-op verschoben werden, weil ich so erkältet bin. toll. super. ich will das endlich hinter mir haben!
demnach: keine outfits, nichts spannendes zu berichten...

so, no outfits and nothing special to talk about...


pläne für heute: mathe lernen (klausur wird natürlich trotz krankheit mitgeschrieben), im bett liegen, eure zauberhaften blogs lesen, tee trinken&chillen...

danke für die aufmerksamkeit,

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Paradise Bridal Wedding Dress Gown

Bridal needs some unique and extra stylish look in her wedding ceremony and outfit plays an important role in bridal wedding dress gaze. Here I found some stylish wedding dress collection of bridal gowns from This is Paradise bridal wedding dress gown including the latest wedding dress design it is strapless wedding gown fully embroidered and decorated with pearls, netting, it is available in ivory color.

You can view some more details in above images and this full length wedding dress is design with embroidery that makes this wedding dress more stunning and gorgeous. Trend of bridal wedding dress are ever change in this wedding season designers are ready with their bridal wedding dress collection.

If you are going to became bridal then this is the most excellent wedding dress gown for your perfect gaze. You can feel stylish and comfortable in this wedding dress gown, just try this bridal wedding dress gown and make your wedding ceremony unforgettable, offer the great collection of bridal wedding dress.


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Trend of Wedding Dress

Here is the latest and stylish bridal wedding dress gown if you are looking for some stylish bridal wedding dress then this is there perfect wedding dress. I fund this fashionable wedding dress gown from, it includes many features this bridal wedding dress comes with the most exclusive design in white color. To make your wedding look offers the most excellent bridal wedding dresses.

It includes the gorgeous design with tremendous fabric this wedding dress is in diagonal shape that gives you a perfect look and you can also match some diamond jewelry with this bridal wedding dress gown.

You feel stylish and comfortable in this bridal wedding dress I m sure it is the perfect bridal wedding dress, I found a great stuff in market it is too difficult to select out the perfect wedding dress for my wedding dress but thanks to here I found a great wedding dress collection of latest and most fashionable bridal wedding dress gowns and just try this latest collection of bridal dress in your wedding dress ceremony.

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Cute or not? jumping spider

This new jumping spider species, Orthrus sp., was found in a Papua-New Guinea rainforest during the 2008 expedition.
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Designer Wedding Dress Gown

Are you looking for bridal wedding dress? If yes then here I found a stunning bridal wedding dress gown from moncheribridals and this wedding dress includes the best design also it is strapless wedding dress with a sage color. It is decorated with Swarovski crystal that gives a special look to this wedding dress. In market you surely find a lot of bridal wedding dress collection but this wedding dress is an exclusive one and it include fully embroidered a plated wedding dress that gives you a dazzling look and make you unique in your wedding ceremony.

Bridal has many desire for her wedding dress day she also wants to seem unique in her wedding day and I m sure this bridal wedding dress offer you an unbelievable gaze. Trend of wedding dress are always changeable, moncheribridals offer astonishing collection of bridal wedding dress. Also this sage color is a stylish color it is totally exceptional dress fantastic and stylish wedding dress and make your wedding dress look more dazzling and fashionable with this bridal wedding dress.


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Apple Bird Feeder

This delightful apple bird feeder will be the place to hang out for all your neighborhood's cool birds. Eco-friendly design made from Bamboo.

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The Wiener Cleaner

Luxurious triple-milled couture soap sets an elegant tone in your home or in the home of a lucky giftee!

Soaps are beautifully rendered to look just like the breed you love, right down to the finest detail, and distinctively fragranced. Mild, pure, vegetable-based soap. Each arrives in an ornately patterned box with ribbon. Made in USA.

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