Wedding Jewelry : WP1204-Crystal Bridal Jewelry Sets-

lWedding WP1204-Crystal Bridal Jewelry Sets-

Jewelry for the wedding of the crystal type:WP1204-Crystal Jewelry Sets- with a perfect design. It is also ideal for wedding receptions.

Bridal Jewelry Ring: Bp02-Black pearl jewelry-

eBp02-Black pearl jewelry ring-

Luxury wedding ring with a black pearl of modern design.

silk satin organza trumpet gown

Every bride needs very beautiful wedding gown by which she look gorgeous and very attractive on its wedding, uncountable wedding designers have been working day and night to fulfill the requirement of society so that we have seen many unique collection of different wedding dress designer everyday.

Yes its fact that in a single wedding dress a dress designer gives its long time but we not look its hard work beyond the wedding dress and its also fact that why we take any wedding dress if its not good for us or its not loveable for us.

I have seen many wedding dress those were not happy with their gowns but its also fact if you ordered your wedding dress then you must pay for it whether it has made in any shape or size and then you realize your mistake that you had done more mistake but chance and time doesn’t come back.

Here is one best wedding dress designer having very respective and lovable image because it always present gorgeous and wonderful favorite wedding gowns, one gown is available here especially for you which has created by silk satin, its ivory silk satin organza trumpet gown, V neck, sleeveless having and double thin straps at its back side with crystal beaded trim on Alencon lace at waist also its chapel train. Via

Bridal Jewelry : BP01-Black pearl jewelry for weddings-

BP01-Black pearl jewelry for weddings-
Bridal Jewelry BP01-Black Pearl Jewelry-

Now if you still want to buy black pearl jewelry for weddings especially with affordable prices, black freshwater pearls and akoya pearls are the best option. Top pearl the jewelry store, some black pearl jewelry are cultured, the cultured black pearls are usually black with light blue, gray and brown tones. Most of the black pearl jewelry is dyed. Dyed black pearls also have blue, gray, peacock green and brown tones. Through the process of dye, the color black & akoya pearl of freshwater pearls is very similar to tahitian pearls.

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DIY-project today.
some jeansshorts.
maybe i will add some studs later :)

happy easter to all of you ♥
peace, hippiegirl!

ps: my minnetonkas arrived today, they are perfect ♥

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Exclusive Bridal Gown

Women get baffle with there wedding dress it is quit tricky task to pick out the exclusive and top wedding gown for bridal. But the gown which is more cozy and trendy is the best wedding gown. It is here is Matte Satin strapless wedding gown introduce by Eden bridals. This is the stylish unique gowns that give you a gorgeous look.

Company always presents the top category wedding gowns. This wedding gown having, w/jacket like chiffon overlay also V” neck and petite sleeves that make this bridal dress more stunning. It is the great collection of Eden bridals just select out the best wedding dress and make your wedding ceremony memorable. So make your dream become true with this wedding gown.

This is a beauty wedding grown for bride with any wedding dresses whose upper material is very luxury in white color it can be a good choice for a brides dress because it is so stylish and comfortable with wedding dress because brides every movement are important at the time of wadding ceremony so keep this for all perfect movements and enjoy your wedding.

Shopping at the used car lot

"The red one, Dad!"

"Can we get the red one, please?"


How about a little monkey tongue?

Smile, it's Friday!

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how to wear...


i created some outfits for my new minnetonka shoes (of course i know, that these aren't minnetonkas, but i thought they look very similar!), which will arrive tomorrow (hopefully!)...
so i'm still sick and feel very booooooooored... nothing special again and again no outfit, sorry!


which one do you like best?!
i prefer the third one :)

kisses, hippiegirl ♥

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Marvelous bridesmaid dress

Wedding is a very important task and it would be happen to everyone available all over the world because I think wedding is a great gift from our almighty god due to which this day comes in the memorable day of everyone’s life because I have seen in every wedding person takes much more interest in wedding day comparison to other normal day or festive day because it plays very important role in everyone’s life.

According to this vision of life every one wants to be very stylish and special in its wedding basically to look very attractive and beautiful is very important for every bride that’s why to look very beautiful due to their bride’s maid dress is the serious duty of every bride, I like this wedding dress because this is representing whole luxury and advance comfort reliable future.

To look very beautiful and stylish here is one very beautiful and fashionable bride’s maid dress is available for all brides who are in condition of marrying. This new bridesmaid dress looks very beautiful and marvelous due to its fantastic look; it has floor length having scoop neckline and A-line feature, you must look very beautiful and attractive after wearing it. Via


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Fursday Fun

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Dog fight in Texas

A mother and daughter are in the middle of a custody battle in Galveston County over a two-year-old Chihuahua. Both say the dog should belong to them.

The daughter says, "Me and my mother went out one day and got really intoxicated and we wrote up a contract for the dog that I would sell her the dog."

The mother tells a different story.


Hairy, scary and looking for love

More than 30 species of the highly dangerous funnel web spider exist throughout Australia.

The best known is the Sydney funnel web spider, Atrax robustus, which is found only within a 160 km radius of Sydney.

The male is more dangerous than the female, which is unusual in the spider world. The male Sydney funnel web is also Australia's most dangerous spider, capable of causing death in as little as 15 minutes.

Photo: R. Lowe, AVRU

Recent heavy rains in the Sydney area are causing these creatures to emerge from their burrows in search of mates.

The general manager of the Australian Reptile Park, Mary Raynor, said many of the aggressive spiders - about 30 to 40 a week - were being donated to the park by members of the public to be milked for their venom.

"They're really coming alive, and looking for females in earnest before it gets too cold."

Peak mating season for the fanged funnel webs is February to May, but this year the season began early, with large numbers collected before Christmas, probably because of high humidity.

Australian Reptile Park staff collect venom from the fangs of a male funnel web by blowing on the spider.


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Camouflage FAIL

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New Bella Bridesmaid dress by Venus

If you are looking for any stylish, attractive, unique and lovable Bridesmaid dresses than don’t take tension because here you must get all solution about your most important beautiful Bridesmaid dress. One very beautiful Bella Bridesmaids dress is present here especially designed by the famous Bridesmaid dress designer Venus. It is so popular and famous due to its unique and extraordinary products, it always provides a fashionable and wonderful dress that’s why everyone knows it and its products get heavy selling due to its name only or in other words we can say that its name only is enough for selling of its fabrics.

Its new dazzling dress having new features which are V Neck with Taffeta A line and beaded spaghetti straps has fitted in the waist line in open back and silky taffeta fabric has used in the making of this beautiful Bella Bridesmaid dress and it is available in various colors, its not so costly and you will get it by giving simple amount of only $118.00. I love this wedding dress because this wedding dress showing best unique future from another dresses and this wedding dress is not more expensive, but available genius color just like red, green and many more.

Perfection combination of red and white -TOP WD003 Wedding Gowns-

WD003-wedding gowns

Perfection combination of red and white -WD003 wedding gowns-

The luxury of long white shirt -WD002 Wedding Gown Dress-

WD002 Wedding Gown Dress

The luxury of long white wedding gown dress

Anybody want a lion?

José Luis García from Córdoba has less than a month to find a new home for Sandof, the lion who’s been with him for three years and who will lose his home because of plans to extend Córdoba Airport.

José Luis runs a small zoo and is losing his land before the end of the month to make space for the new extension. Among the other animals which must move from the zoo are six pythons, one of which is an albino.

Contacts with other zoos in Spain have been unsuccessful in finding a new home for Sandof as the lion is a male, and cannot be housed with any other male lion.

Señor García is hoping that his idea of giving him away as a package with the pythons may save Sandof from being put down.


How about a beer for two bucks?

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Today's awwww

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Horses with hair extensions

Do you want to know why anyone would want to do this?

Here's the story

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Badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger


I bet you thought I meant ...

nothing special.


i love that look and i love garance doré, her blog is so gorgeous!
sorry again for the lack of posts... but i've got no time to take good pictures... and i'm ill -.-
so, i'm really looking forward to this wonderful looooong easter-weekend (when i hopefully will take some good pictures!) :)
have a wonderful day,
love, hippiegirl ♥

PS: question for you: what's your personal fashion NO-GO for this summer or which trend don't you like?


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Katrina Kaif Fashion Week-2009 Photo

Aishwarya Rai modern Dresses Photo