Taffeta’s Collection of Wedding Gowns

Taffeta offers the finest collection of wedding gowns this is the unique and gorgeous collection of wedding gowns. This Taffeta wedding gown’s collection has the finest designs it is strapless wedding gown with A-cut style. This is best bridal gown also divers from other designer’s collections. The fully dress is design on a satin cloth with a netting cloth this affordable wedding dress is available in many colors including Ivory, White, and Deep Ivory you can select anyone color that perfects on your style. Taffeta is a best bridal gown designer that always introduces the finest collection of bridal gowns. This wedding gown is perfect for your bridal look. This is one-piece bridal dress decorated with netting cloth also you can wear matching jewelry with this wedding gown and high heel sandals are also astonishing with this gown that gives you a perfect look In your wedding. This is a best taffeta collection is the best bridal clothing and Pick this wedding gowns and make your wedding memorable. You feel comfortable and stylish in this wedding gown. This gown is made with silk cloth and fully decorated with thread embroidery and this is the unique collection wedding dress hat makes you a perfect bridal.

It's Time To Ask Some Questions..

First of all, i want to show you some of my presents :)

long necklace

wreck this journal, sooo much fun :)

Urban outfitters gift card :D :D YAAAY!

huge bag (especially for travalling!)

leather vest (♥ it!)

different feathers for some DIY-projects :) any ideas??? i definitely want to make a feather-headband :)

I also got some money, another bag, some clothes, stuff for my room...

And now it's time for you to ask questions (maybe you know it from other blogs!)... so, you can ask me whatever you want (i won't answer too personal questions!) and i'll answer!
i thought, it's a good chance for you to get to know me better!

peace, hippiegirl ♥

Caturday funnies

I received this photo via email. If anyone knows the original photographer, let me know please.

from When Cats Attack

Video: Cat in the Bag

I have had cats who have done this:

Watch video

Video: Dog builds Snowman

Watch video

Video: The Gecko talks to cats

Watch video



1.00 Carat Certified Oval Cut Diamond 14K Yellow Gold Bridal Engagement Ring F VS1

All diamond jewelry comes with 30 days of our return policy. All our jewelry are complementary in a box. For identification purposes and your security, this diamond is laser-written with the number that appears on the certificate. Our customers are all sizes.Therefore our cycles may be changed without charge purchase.Upon after purchase, customers will be contacted by e-mail on sizing. Please contact our professional jewelers for any questions you May have.Our contact info can be found in our store.

3 Diamond Anniversary Ring 1/10 ct. in 14K Two Tone Gold

There is a part of the elegance of the jewelry, which reflects on the past, and now famous embrace the future. Three Diamond Anniversary Ring. Three beautiful diamonds set side by side. For the previous, this time for one and one for the future. Detail

14k Yellow Gold Princess-Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

14k Yellow Gold Princess-Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring (1/2 ct, J-K Color, I3 Clarity). This ring is a great buy for the money. The ring came and it is beautiful. the stone is very shiny and it is not as described by other customers. I am very happy with this buy. The only two bad things are that it has a little tiny piece of the stone in the corner that is lightly cloudy. It is not that bad and not noticeable unless you put the stone really close to your face. It also did not come with any certifying papers. Other then that it is perfect!! I got it on sale for an unbelievable price and you would never be able to find this ring at this price anywhere else. I would end up paying six times the amount I paid if I tried to buy it somewhere else

14k Two-Tone Diamond Heart Ring

14k Two-Tone Diamond Heart Ring (1/10 cttw,H-I Color,I2 Clarity).
This ring looks great at the picture, but unfortunately in real life it's a little different. At the picture it looks like there's more yellow gold and just a quarter or third of ring is white gold. The ring I've got has quarter of yellow gold and the rest is white gold. Other than that it is excellent ring for such price and it still looks great. Quite fast shipping and good packaging.

14k Yellow Gold Ring with Brilliant Diamonds, 0.50 Carat Round Cut Pink Sapphire Stones

 Themselves or a loved one in this beautifully designed 14-Karat Yellow Gold Ladies' Ring. Quality is a part of jewelry that is very good, and it is implemented with Genuine Diamonds and precious stones. The image is not justifiable, even the representation of this beautiful item. You really want to wear akan akan get doubled when you have in your hands.

Sterling Silver & 18K Gold Multicolor Flower Diamond Ring

Show the true colors of this fun and elegant ring. This ring is designed rhodium plated sterling silver and has a series of five 18k gold bezel set stone flowers. Ring has three rows, with top and bottom line of succession of the diamond. There are 12 sparkling round brilliant diamonds with a total weight of 0.10 carats. There are pink sapphire 0.09 carat total weight, total weight 0.19 carat blue sapphire and yellow sapphire weight 0.19 carats. Detail

Sterling Silver/18K Gold Multicolor Flower Ring

A classic accent piece! Designed from sterling silver and 18K yellow gold ring has a high smooth finish and a combination of 4 pear-shaped 6.5mm citrine, amethyst, peridot and Bezel Blue Topaz stone, with pleasure in the context of the gallery Yellow Gold accents. Detail

18K Gold & Silver Designer Amethyst Ring

Style elegant ring make this a favorite fast. Handiwork of 18Kt gold and silver, the ring has a series of bold and amethyst stone measuring 24x12mm. Detail

Designer Wedding Gown

Here is exclusive wedding gown for your wedding ceremony in market you find a big material but to select out the perfect and stunning bridal dress is little tricky. Here is bridal dress from shopofbrides.com, it is just ideal bridal dress with the best design, and the most remarkable thing in this bridal dress is that it includes model sleeves dress is decorated with embroidery. It is full-length dress made by satin fabric. If you are confuse to pick the best and fashionable bridal dress then just visit out this bridal dress collection.

You find many wedding gowns in market but this bridal dress is just finest to wear. It is essential to select fashionable wedding gown it is slight tricky but not unfeasible for more bridal dress just visit out shopofbrides.com. This dress is available in white, ivory colors also in all size. Just pick this bridal dress and make your wedding memorable.

This wedding gowns not easy to discover a pleasing bridal gowns, still gowns you are the tall and slight. If you are the fewer fashionably design and similar to a pear figure or wedding gowns is you are the small, judgment correct dress that can be a actual test.

Sick stuffed animals

More at
by Jack Griffin


A man poses with the alleged largest egg in the world in central London. The egg was laid in the early 17th century by the now-extinct Great Elephant Bird of Madagascarto. It is priced at $7,340 and will be sold at The Chelsea Antiques Fair.

Photo Credit: Shaun Curry-AFP/Getty Images

Smile, it's Friday!

Photo from the Four Musketeers

Are cavers spreading lethal bat disease?

The white fungus that appears on bats' noses and wings — so-called white-nose syndrome — has killed more than a half-million bats over the past three winters, but scientists had not been able to figure out how the fungus got into the bat caves and why it spread.

Now, they have big clue: Humans, specifically cavers, who "may be spreading the causative agent."


Photo Credit: Nancy Heaslip, New York Dept. of Environmental Conservation
Little brown bats with white-nose syndrome, New York

You've got mail!

Hervé Mariage: Cerise The Unique Gown

Gowns are lady’s identity and lady with gown that is a total beauty that give a unique attraction and lady with gown look perfect all time. For that combination of gown and lady if you are going to be a bride so you should watch that collection because that gown is filled with rose beauty and theme and after wearing that gown you will look as a perfect bride and every ones eyes will on you that will a big achievement for you. That gown is dramatic combination of both fabric and colors create this unforgettable gown and also decorated with decorative silk flowers that look like as genuine rose and you feel like a prince if you are thinking as for your wedding so that can be a good choice for you that unique gown is available in All Ivory, Red/Black, or Ivory and Champagne those are best for you and you can choose your one so don’t waste your time and collect your one for your weeding.

Gowns are an important demand of wedding and every bride want to get best in the world for her best wadding and want to give total look at the time of wedding for that she find all collections of gown and choose her best. That is a fact gown are more special for wedding and it’s all fits and styles depend on choice of bride what she want to get. Via

Endangered and Dangerous

An Indonesian fisherman has been killed by Komodo dragons after he was attacked while trespassing on a remote island in search of fruit, officials said Tuesday.

Muhamad Anwar, 32, bled to death on his way to hospital after being mauled by the reptiles at Loh Sriaya, in eastern Indonesia's Komodo National Park.

Komodo dragons, the world's heaviest lizards, can grow up to 3 meters (10 feet) in length and have a toxic bite that they use to kill prey such as buffalo, returning to feast when the animal succumbs to the poison.

Despite their ungainly appearance, the carnivorous reptiles can run as fast as a dog in short bursts, jump up on their hind legs, and kill animals with a blow of their powerful tails.

Attacks on humans are rare, but Monday's incident is the latest in a series in which the monster lizards -- which have forked tongues and fearsome claws --have killed or injured people.

Last month a park ranger survived after a Komodo dragon climbed the ladder into his hut and savaged his hand and foot. In 2007 an eight-year-old boy died after being mauled.

In June last year, a group of divers who were stranded on an island in the national park -- the dragons' only natural habitat -- had to fend off several attacks from the reptiles before they were rescued.


Photo Credit: Dita Alangkara-AP

Endangered and Adorable

In the end, Hannibal did not administer the fatal bite to his mate's neck. And Jao Chu did not immediately kill their offspring, as is often the case.

And so, early yesterday, despite murderous tendencies in the captive species, two newborn clouded leopard cubs were found alive, well and squealing at the National Zoo's Conservation and Research Center in Front Royal, Va.

They were taken immediately from their gorgeous mother before she could do them harm, or do them in, placed in an incubator set at 88 degrees and fed salt water from baby bottles. Born with dappled, reptile-pattern fur, they were the first such births at the zoo in 16 years.

Their births were a coup, and the end of a complex reproduction saga involving an exotic, endangered and beautiful species of animal that experts call the ghost cat.

It was also a genetic home run: The zoo said the cubs' genes, which come from outside the captive population, make them among the most valuable clouded leopards in North America.


Photo credit: Tracy A Woodward-The Washington Post

Fursday Fun

from WebShots, by mbdaily

from Flickr, by loveisabeautifulthing

from Flickr, by Isa Costa

from Funny Pet Photos


What's in a name?

Woman called Nutt over-run by squirrels

The world's most persecuted parrot

Today, Monk (or Quaker) parakeets comprise the largest group of the nine species of parrots known to live in the wild in the United States. But their success in establishing an ecological niche for themselves didn't come easily.

The birds, Myiopsitta Monachus, originate from South America. A government-sponsored program in Argentina managed to kill more than 400,000 of them in the late 1950s and early 1960s. But in the mid 1960's, someone had a bright idea: instead of killing them, why not ship them to the U.S.A. and make a few extra dollars? More than 60,000 wild parrots were shipped from South America to the U.S.A. during the 1960s and early 1970s.

Brooklyn has a large population of these wild parrots and many theories as to how the birds first were released into the wild. In 1973, the Federal Government became aware of the parrots' existence in the New York area, and sent out SWAT-style eradication teams which captured many birds and shot those unwilling to surrender. One of the last remaining parrot strongholds, a nest complex on Rikers Island, Queens, managed to survive the eradication teams and are the probable ancestors of the parrots alive today all over Brooklyn.

These intelligent, non-aggressive birds, which no self-respecting scientist has ever claimed have caused any significant crop damage in the U.S., are regarded with extreme hostility in many states. In New Jersey and Connecticut, they are classified as a "potentially dangerous species." In Pennsylvania, they are reportedly euthanized on the spot whenever power companies find them nesting on transmission lines. In Florida, both the state Department of Transportation and the Florida Power & Light utility company do the same thing. Florida Power & Light has for years maintained secret gas chambers where captured parrots are killed en masse.

Stephen Carl Baldwin, at Brooklyn Parrots, writes, "The fact that North America has a new parrot on its shores is in my view a blessing, especially because our countrymen wiped out our only native parrot - the Carolina Parakeet - nearly a hundred years ago. Nature has given us the rarest of gifts: a second chance."


Yes - we do have Monk parakeets in Illinois!

There are monk parakeet colonies in nearly 20 Chicago suburbs.
I took the following photo in Alsip, Illinois, on December 6, 2006.

It was 8:30 am, temperature was 36 degrees. There were about a dozen of these gorgeous, vivid green birds at 116th and Springfield.

Family photos

Bridesmaid Wedding Dress

This is a Earlier I bogged about the four wedding dresses as of the last four designers on top of scheme landing strip. Afterward this week four designers that will be demonstrate their last collection on New York fashion Week. Healthy, if you is not a by now be acquainted with, the Bridesmaid Wedding Dress collections are by now up lying on BravoTV website! There are a number of beautiful dresses in collection that might with no problem translate into sole fashion onward bridesmaids dresses with method that will place the examination of occasion. The pinnacle absent is a blue bridesmaids dress designed by Kenley. Top correct is beautiful teal clothing by Korto, with emerald bead and an admirer to there from feel and attention. Too, did I talk about that fan are an actually cute alternative to a bridesmaids bouquet? The base two dresses are from Leanne’s compilation, gorgeous and graceful while still maintain her name architectural method.

Last nighttime be fraction one of Project landing strip ending and it was the incident anywhere they total the last cut as of four to three in order to show their collections at Bryant Park. The final challenge was to make a bridesmaid dress to organize with the wedding dress from their last Bridesmaid collection.

14k White Gold Black Diamond Ring

Black and white with a very - especially when it comes to diamonds. This brilliant 14-karat white gold ring has beautiful combination. A round black diamond is held securely in four branches settings and surrounded by small white diamonds. A beautiful filigree design under the stones add a touch of vintage elegance. Other white diamonds trail shoulders of the ring, creating a sparkling backdrop for the center stone. This unique series of design, and bound to attract compliments. Detail

A Lot Of Necklaces ♥

last week. just a lot of necklaces, which i love :)

first of all: THANK YOU SO MUCH for your birthday wishes :) i had a wonderful day with a lot of fun and great presents (which i'll show you later!)

secondly: I WON!!!! YAAAAAY :)
i won the "best-summer-outfit" competition of the wonderful chic und schlau :)
i'm so happy and the price is just perfect, i can choose two amazing pieces of jewelry! THANK YOUUU!!!
so, check out her fantastic blog!!!

last: THANKS A LOT for reading my blog and for all your lovely comments, they make me so happy!

love, Hippiegirl ♥

Let's do breakfast

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