Flower Girl Importance of Wedding

In every wedding that importance have a flower girl that haven’t any other one because flower girls there is as a symbol of haven and they are being part of wedding and hare for give their blasé and wish. There importance is must because we are going to beget our customs and we can’t forget them in our wedding.

For that our little girls play that role at the time of wedding and they look very cute and attractive all the time of wedding and we cant forget their image as wedding couples dress important as flower girls dress is also important and they are going to part of you’re wedding so how can you forget their importance at the time of wedding.

If you want to customize your wedding with a Dream so you can choose dress with your choice of 55 color accents to match your bridal gown or bridesmaid dress so that you wish to your wedding because you are going to shape your wedding and you are not neglecting that and you want flower girls look with you and she is to look as a little bride or not only you but also that little girl will attract your guests at the time of wedding along with you a beauty full bride and a cute flower girl that will a wonder and perfection and going to be at your wedding. Via


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Caturday funnies

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Golden Bridal Gown

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Caution : Possible cute overdose

The following photos are from the Daily Mail's story about the Infant Care Unit at Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort - dubbed Orang-Utan Island - located in the Malaysian jungle. It is a very special hospital because all of its patients are from the endangered Borneo species of orangutans, the Pongo Pygmaeus.

Celebrities are just like you and me

Natalie Portman and her dog.

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You learn something new every day

This is a Zibellini, or Flea Fur

Zibellinis were a popular accessory item for noble men & ladies during the 15th and 16th centuries. A zibellino, from the Italian word for "sable", is the pelt of a sable or marten worn draped at the neck or hanging at the waist, or carried in the hand. The plural is zibellini.

Some zibellini were fitted with faces and paws of goldsmith's work with jeweled eyes and pearl earrings, while unadorned furs were also fashionable.

The traditional costume historian's term for this accessory, flea-fur, is from the German Flohpelz, coined by Wendelin Boeheim in 1894, who was the first to suggest that the furs were intended to attract fleas away from the body of the wearer. There is no historical evidence to support this unlikely claim. Italians simply called these accessories "zibellini", their word for sables, and speakers of other languages called them "martens", "sables" or "ermines" in their native tongues.

Zibellini was the entire pelt of an animal, usually marten or sable, but also ermine and lynx were used, and was carried in the hand, over the shoulder or around the neck, and was suspended from a gold chain attached to a girdle. The head and feet of which were often bejewelled replacements for the animals original body parts. There are accounts of clocks being set into the heads. Gold and silver were the norm for the head and feet of the Zibellini, but crystal and jet were also used. Zibellini were further embellished with diamonds, rubies, pearls and enamel work.

The fashion for carrying zibellini died out in the first years of the 17th century, although fox-pelts were worn in similar fashion in the 19th and 20th century. [wiki]

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102 in dog years

Meet twenty-year-old dachshund Chanel, who is set to take the crown as world's oldest dog in September's new Guinness Book of World Records.

Chanel has lived with her family since she was 6 weeks of age. She currently suffers from a heart-murmur, cataracts and a tumor on her foot, but these haven't shortened her lifespan and they don't appear to negatively impact her life. Chanel's daily wardrobe includes red goggles for her light sensitive eyes, a bootie for her tumor affected foot and a cozy sweater.


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Photography by David Stewart

See many more at the photographer's web collection.

Smile, it's Friday!

Photo from uniquedaily

Summer in the air ♥ and hippiefeeling.



my summer-hippieoutfit :)
of course i didn't wear it outside, it isn't that warm... just for these pictures!

so, only a short post today, enjoy the sun!
kisses, hippiegirl :)

p.s.: photobucket really SUCKS... so SORRY when you can't see my other pictures for a couple of days!

There really ARE pink elephants

A wildlife cameraman took pictures of the calf when he spotted it among a herd of about 80 elephants in the Okavango Delta.

Experts believe it is probably an albino, which is an extremely rare phenomenon in African elephants.

They are unsure of its chances of long-term survival - the blazing African sunlight may cause blindness and skin problems for the calf.

Mike Holding, who spotted the baby while filming for a BBC wildlife programme, said: "We only saw it for a couple of minutes as the herd crossed the river.


Friday is fish day

Exclusive Bridal Gown

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Let me give you a free bag!

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The bags are very large, they'll certainly hold a lot of stuff. The fabric is so soft and silky feeling, it's great to know that it's also totally water, stain and bacteria resistant.

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Man continues to manipulate nature

You would think that we would have learned from past disastrous attempts to try to manipulate Mother Nature.

Alaska has now begun wolf killings to boost caribou for hunters.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game, aiming to boost the survival of caribou calves, wants to kill up to 328 wolves, leaving behind 88 to 103. Killing them, state officials say, will allow the Fortymile caribou herd, ravaged by three years of bad weather and heavy snow, to expand from its current level of 40,000 animals to as many as 100,000.

The predator control effort has run into opposition from the National Park Service who argues that there aren't nearly as many wolves as state officials estimate, and that killing so many could devastate the packs. Also, the park service says that the Fortymile herd hasn't approached 100,000 since the early 1900s.

Wolves in other parts of the West, meanwhile, are also about to come into the gun sights, after the Obama administration's decision this month to let stand the removal of endangered-species protections for wolves in the Upper Midwest, Idaho and Montana.


Here are a few lessons we should have learned from history:

* It is believed that the Sahara Desert has been formed due to the disruption of a food chain. Records point out that in ancient times the Romans captured lions, which resulted in the sharp reduction in the predator population. This in turn resulted in the increase in herbivore population since there was fewer lion to kill them. The increase in the herbivore population led to overgrazing which removed all vegetation. In this manner the Sahara Desert was formed.

* In 1935, a species of toad from Central America was introduced in Queensland (Australia). It was meant to eat beetles that were destroying the sugarcane crop. But not only did the toads eat the beetles, they also ate many other useful and harmless creatures. They ate lizards which help farmers by feeding on insects and also destroyed small frogs which are harmless to crops. Since the toad had no natural predators they multiplied into huge populations which are now destroying the native Australian wild life.

* In Europe, during the middle ages, the cat was considered a symbol of evil. Superstitious people associated the cat with witchcraft and the devil. For this reason, hundreds of thousands of cats were killed. The absence of cats led to a huge increase in the rat population of Europe and contributed to the spread of Bubonic plague. This disease which is transmitted to people by rat fleas killed about a fourth of the people who lived in Europe during the 1300’s.

* Rabbits are not native to Australia. In 1859, 24 wild rabbits were released for hunting purposes. The effect of rabbits on the ecology of Australia has been devastating since this time. Rabbits are suspected of being the most significant known factor in species loss in Australia. Rabbits often kill young trees by destroying their bark. Rabbits are also responsible for serious erosion problems because they eat native plants which leaves the topsoil exposed and vulnerable to sheet, gully and wind erosion.

* In 1960, the mayor of Chicago, Richard J Daley, presented Emperor Akihito (then Crown Prince) with a bluegill fish. It was hoped that the Japanese would learn to love bluegill for dinner as much as Chicagoans do. The emperor donated the fish to research centers, but many escaped to wipe out the royal bitterling and bring other native species to the brink of extinction. They have infested waterways across Japan, including the moat of the imperial palace in Tokyo.

* The following attempt to "fix Nature" may be the saddest of them all:

Things began to go wrong on Macquarie Island, halfway between Australia and Antarctica, soon after it was discovered in 1810. The island's fur seals, elephant seals and penguins were killed for fur and blubber, but it was the rats and mice that jumped from the sealing ships that started the problem. Cats were quickly introduced to keep the rodents from precious food stores. Rabbits followed some 60 years later, as part of a tradition to leave the animals on islands to give shipwrecked sailors something to eat.

Given easy prey, cats feasted on the hapless rabbits and feline numbers quickly grew. The island then lost two endemic flightless birds, a rail and a parakeet. Meanwhile, the rabbits bred rapidly and nibbled the island's precious vegetation.

By the 1970s, some 130,000 rabbits were causing so much damage that the notorious disease myxomatosis was introduced to Macquarie, which took the rabbit population down to under 20,000 within a decade.

The vegetation began to recover, but what was good for the vegetation proved bad for the island's wildlife. With fewer rabbits around, the established cats turned instead to local burrowing birds. By 1985, conservationists deemed it necessary to shoot the cats.

The last cat was killed in 2000, but the conservationists were horrified to see rabbit populations soar. Myxomatosis failed to keep numbers down, and the newly strong rabbit population quickly reversed decades of vegetation recovery. In 2006, the resurgent rabbits were even blamed for a massive landslip that wiped out much of an important penguin colony.

Scientists say the chain of events at Macquarie is an example of a "trophic cascade", the knock-on effects of changes in one species abundance. The next stage could be an "ecosystem meltdown".

The Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service intends to fix the island once and for all, and has drawn up plans to eradicate all 130,000 rabbits, along with the estimated 36,000 rats and 103,000 mice that live there.

When WILL we learn?

Fursday Fun

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A Manly Guide to Canine Companions

Brett and Kate McKay at the Art of Manliness have done very comprehensive research into the selection of a proper "manly" companion: Choosing Man’s Best Friend: A Guide to Canine Companions.

There's an excellent recap here of the breeds best suited for the title “man’s best friend,” because they’ve been working, playing, and walking by man’s side for centuries. Whether helping their master land his next meal, faithfully guarding home and hearth, or directing a shepherd’s flock, these dogs have been man’s most loyal companions.

Here's a riddle for you

Totally "borrowed" from Daisy the Curly Cat:

Question: Why are cats very bad storytellers?

You might think it is because the books are very boring. But that is not the correct answer.

Start thinking, NOW! You have 30 seconds to figure out the answer, and you will be timed on this big clock.
(Yeh - to a cat, it's a clock!)

Do you know the answer yet?

Click HERE to see the answer.

Another hapless hairless animal

Vets at St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Aylesbury are trying to establish how and why the male squirrel, who was found in Amersham, lost all his fur.

Bald squirrels are not that uncommon but the hair loss is usually because the animal is suffering from mange, an illness caused by mites.

But vets at St Tiggywinkles, who have nicknamed their new patient Smoothie, have no idea why he is bald, apart from few tufts of fur on his tail. He is undergoing tests and is being kept warm and dry while feasting on his favourite treat of pecan nuts.


Yikes! Is this ugly!

Poor Spud, the hedgehog, lost his spines!

Spud was found wandering in a garden and taken to Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Aylesbury, Bucks, last August. Experts are baffled by his condition, which has caused his skin to dry and his spines to fall out. The hospital is asking practitioners of alternative medicine to suggest possible remedies.

The bald animal was christened Spud by hospital staff because, when curled up into a ball, he resembles a potato.



I'm just a baby

Sitting in the sun, eating pineapple ♥

i'm feeling spring ;)
today the sun is shining and i'm enjoying the air outside (even if it's really cold!)... and i'm eating pineapple, yummy ♥

that's me last week... another very sunny day!


and i wear my new jeans on these photos ♥ very skinny and a great colour!

so, i hope you all enjoy this fantastic day,
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